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Art Curriculum Statement


At Hawthorne Primary School, we believe in nurturing creativity and innovation across all aspects of learning. We believe that every child is a unique artist and we encourage them to strive for excellence and innovation by using the Art curriculum. We enable the children to feel empowered to create aspirational and authentic pieces of Art work. Our aim is that pupils will have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of a variety of skills and techniques artists use. Children can articulate their own thinking, choices and learning journey. Our pupils view Art as a creative process by which they gain knowledge from experts, explore a range of new ideas and use a range of materials. Pupils reflect on their work, evaluate and become critical thinkers of their own Art work and others. Children are excited to learn how Art has shaped History, different cultures and the wider world. Overall, Art enables children to develop passion and confidence as well as developing resilience. 


The ways that we implement this in school is through:

  • In-depth planning of Art following the skills ladders
  • Creative, fun and inspiring Art lessons
  • Art creativity days
  • Use of a variety of materials
  • Gaining knowledge and understanding from a variety of artists
  • Clear progression from each year group (learning follows on)


  • Children enjoy Art creativity days- monitoring, pupil discussions
  • Work displayed on walls shows progression across the school- learning walks
  • Progression of knowledge and skills shown in books and displayed work- book scrutiny
  • Development of skills across year groups and evidence of progression- book scrutiny