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ICT/computing Curriculum Statement


The intent is to enrich and develop the teaching of ICT across Hawthorne Primary school. Giving opportunities for the children to:

  • Understand the importance of being safe online. (This will be the first unit of work taught in A1)
  • How to use technology responsibly and respectfully.
  • How to code programmes relevant to Key stages, including writing and debugging where appropriate.
  • Recognise, use, store and retrieve data.
  • Select and combine a range of software to produce content; including collecting, analysing and presenting data.


  • Discard the previous scheme of work and implement a new one that runs alongside but not specifically linked to year group topics to embed ICT within school life.
  • Set that the first topic to be covered is E safety.
  • Ensure EYFS, KS1 and KS2 have appropriate physical devices that they can use freely. Eg: programmable toys in EYFS.
  • Buy a programme such as Purple Mash that allows children to access a varied and well thought out range of activities that are age group specific or ensure the curriculum long term plan states access to the same quality of resources.
  • Ensure curriculum plan is followed and evident on LTPs.


What will we see if we are successfully meeting our intent and how will we see it?

  • Technology will be used regularly through school-planning and evidence will show this.
  • Children will have access to a range of devices and toys that develop their technology skills.
  • Any brought in resource will be well used and monitored to see its effectiveness.
  • Children will be able to explain the work they have done in ICT and explain why it is important to stay safe online.
  • Children will be able to explain how to use ICT programmes responsibly and respectfully and why it is important.
  • ICT files/computing books and pupil voice questionnaires will be used to monitor amount and quality of ICT provision.
  • In following years, ICT equipment, devices and software will be checked, upgraded and replaced to ensure an effectiveness of resources is appropriate.