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News and Events

Upcoming events:

The National Deaf Society 

 On Friday 7th May, as a school we raised money for the National Deaf Society by dressing up in bright colours. We raised £224.75. 

Comic Relief 

On Friday 19th March 2021, as a school we raised money for Comic Relief. We chose to dress up in something funny. Here are some of what our wonderful children chose to wear. 

Odd Sock's Day

On Monday 16th November, we participated in Odd Sock's day to kick start Anti-bullying week. Look at our groovy, odd socks!

Children In Need

 On Friday 13th November, as a school we supported Children In Need by dressing in spots. As a school, we took part in the live Joe Wick's workout and we raised £203.84. 

Diabete's awareness day

On Thursday 12th November the whole school took part in diabete's awareness day by wearing blue. Mrs Mills made a whole school powerpoint which all classes watched which included videos and pictures of a child who has type one diabete's. 

EGG -streme Science Day

 On Friday 6th November, the whole school took part in an ‘EGG-streme Science Day’. Eddie the Explorer, was stuck in the North Pole and was running out of food. He loved eating eggs but he required them to be dropped from a plane to keep him alive. Everyone was set the task of helping Eddie the Explorer receive his eggs without being cracked.

Macmillian Coffee Morning 

 On Friday 25th September, we took part in fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support. Due to Covid-19, we adapted our way of funraising. All the children across the school were all provided with juice and biscuits for a small donation. The children throughly enjoyed this!

Thankyou to all our wonderful parents who kindly donated. 

We raised £159.56.

Science and Sports Relief Day

On Friday 13th March, the whole school took part in a science day alongside Sports Relief. The children started the day by completing a Joe Wick workout. Throughout the day the children carried out an investigation of bubbles. In the afternoon, the parents were invited into school to see what the children had been doing. 

Castle and Knights Day

On Wednesday 4th March, the Badgers (Year 2) had an amazing day; finding out all about the past and what life was like in castles.  The children had the chance to play with medieval toys, make medicines, look at armour and some strange items from the past.  They had a great day and were full of smiles, questions and they even impressed our visitor from Partake History with their vocabulary and reasoning of their ideas.  Badgers you were amazing! A big Thank you to Partake History for providing us with such great activities.

Eco Trip

The Eco team went to Brackenhurst as part of Fair trade fortnight. They visited the local farm and learnt how it ends up in our shops!
Children were able to use old methods to grind wheat to make flour and make apple juice. We planted runner beans in biodegradable pots and were given potatoes to plant at school.

Safer Internet Day 

On Tuesday 11th February the whole school took part in Safer Internet Day. Children in Foundation and Nursery read the story of Smartie the Penguin and created a collage. Year 1 and Year 2 all read Smartie the Penguin and created various informative posters identifying who they would tell if anything worrying occured when online. Key stage 2 children all read 'Goldilocks A Hashtag Cautionary Tale' and then created a pledge of how they can stay safer online from this day forward. 

Maths Careers Day

On Thursday 30th January, the whole took part in a 'Maths Careers Day'. Mrs Houldershaw and Miss Hadley invited parents into school to allow them to deliver short workshops for the children explaining how they use maths on a daily basis within their jobs. We had an assembly to start the day which emphaises the importance of maths. We then spoke about how it related to our value of the month being 'aspiration'. All the children across school took part in two workshops lead by parents. Each year group took part in different workshops. 

Then in the afternoon the children reflected upon this by completing work about how different jobs can use maths and what job role they wish to have in the future. 

Year 2's WOW day

In Year 2 we had our Animals in the cold WOW day.  The children went on an expedition to the South Pole after learning all about Robert Falcon Scott. They made base camps and painted penguins.  In the afternoon, the children carried out a science experiment to see which material would melt the ice the fastest and rescue the trapped penguins!

Science Day

For our science day, the whole school completed the challenge of filtering dirty water as part of ‘Ditch the Dirt’ by Practical Action. All of the children discussed where their water came from and how much water they used every day and then compared this to a child living in the Turkana district in Northern Kenya. The children then had to choose an appropriate container to take with them and hunt down the water holes around school. We explored how this might be dangerous for the children in Kenya and how they get ill from the water that they collected. Afterwards, we investigated the water quality that we had collected. This was followed by a challenge to make a water filter so the children could ditch as much of the dirt as possible. The children loved it and some even designed their own water filters, which involved using solar panels.


Christmas Jumper and Dinner Day 

 Look at our amazing jumpers!

Christmas Tree Festival

KS1 enjoyed making the decorations for the local Christmas Tree Festival in Hucknall.  Three lucky children were chosen to help decorate the tree and had great fun.

Children In Need 2019

This year we encouraged children to 'get their spots on'. There were some fantastic home made creations. Thankyou to all those who participated. As a school, we took part in Joe Wick's big morning move.

Anti-bullying Week 2019

This years theme was 'Change starts with us'. Throughout the week the children completed different tasks relating to this years theme.

Odd Socks Day

 On Tuesday 12th November 2019, the children wore odd socks to help raise awareness of bullying.

UK Parliament Week 2019

On Thursday 7th November, all children and staff in school took part in a school council election.

The children were all given a voting form which they completed on their own and they were able to choose one candidate for the chair of school council.

Four children from year 5 helped run the election and they were AMAZING!

A big thankyou to Mrs Houldershaw, Mrs Pickard, Mrs Tyler and Mrs Harris for organising and making the electron run smoothly.


Macmillan Coffee Morning

The Macmillan coffee morning was a huge success this year. We raised a fabulous £330.96!!

The fantastically brave Miss Parr took part in 'Brave the Shave' on this day too.

Thankyou to all those who came to support this very worthwhile cause.


Nostalgia Day

On Friday 19th July 2019, we held a nostalgia day to celebrate the life of our school building. Throughout the school, we displayed each decade by dressing up in particular clothing. 

Here are the decades which each year group dressed up as: 

F1 – 1970

F2 – 1990

Year 1 – 1920

Year 2 – 1950

Year 3 - 1940

Year 4 - 1930

Year 5 - 1960

Year 6- 1980