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Applications to Nursery

Click here for the Nursery Application form

Admission to Nursery is dependent upon spaces being available. At Hawthorne, we apply the same admission principles as those outlined in the Nottinghamshire County Admissions Policy. Please use the form above to apply for a Nursery place.

Older children who have deferred school places will be given consideration for a nursery place only after all children of nursery age have been allocated places.  Deferred children will then be considered for any remaining places following the criteria in the Nottinghamshire County Admissions Policy.


Applications to School

Admission to school must be made by completing an online application form on the Nottinghamshire County Council website. Please see for more information on how to apply.  If you live in the Nottingham City please contact City Council for further advice. 

The School's Published Admission Number (PAN) is 30 in most year groups. We are currently oversubscribed in all Key Stage 1 classes and have a waiting list.  Please telephone for more information and advice.

Places are allocated as defined in the Nottinghamshire policy.

A place in Nursery is not a guarantee of a place in full time school. Please be aware that over recent years, there have been more children living within the catchment area than spaces available. Applying on time is therefore crucial.

Parents can find a wide range of useful information regarding the admissions process in the Admissions to Schools: Guide for parents on the NCC website. 

Admissions Appeal Form

If you wish to appeal a decision to not offer your child(ren) a place at the school, please complete and return the form to

Appeal Form