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BSL Club



At Hawthorne we offer an exciting, beneficial British Sign Language club. This club enables children to learn a new effective way of communicating with others.

Over the past year we have made various videos to promote our Sign Language club. We have to desire to progress and grow further by making Sign Language a daily requirement at Hawthorne. The children who have attended our club are all eager to progress and learn new signs.  

The children who have attended have thoroughly enjoyed the club. Evidently, shown through the number of children doubling after Christmas. Here are a few quotes from the children who have attended the club. "We have loved learning new signs each week". "It has opened another door to my learning". "It is really exciting learning a new way of communicating".

Where? Year 3/4 Classroom

When? Tuesday evenings 3:20- 4:15pm

Who with? Miss Hadley and Miss Tyler


Here are the videos which we have created this year - 2018-2019:



We have been given an exciting opportunity of officially opening the school Christmas Fayre. The children will be signing two chosen Christmas songs.

The Christmas Fayre went amazingly well, we are so proud of all the children!

Here is a video of the children teaching others how to sign 'Merry Christmas Everyone'. Merry Christmas Everyone.mp4


If you would like to find out how you can join the BSL club please contact Miss Hadley or Miss Tyler for more information. 


 Useful websites: