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Music Curriculum Statement


At Hawthorne Primary School, Music is research led and is a memorable, authentic experience. Within Music, we promote an enjoyment of the subject that results in a life-long love of Music. We encourage knowledge and understanding of how Music impacts on our lives, health, well-being and the world in which we live. Singing is at the heart of our school and is interwoven throughout school life. We celebrate through Music at different school events and events that add to the wider community. We strive to give children opportunities to perform, create and experience authentic Music. Music creates passion, develops confidence to all and enables children to become well-rounded individuals. Children within our school have opportunities to play an instrument. Through Music, pupils develop collaborative skills as well as listening skills through working together, performing together and celebrating their achievements. Children have the freedom to develop their own taste, style and preference of Music. 


The ways that we implement this in school is through:

  • A well-developed Music scheme- Charanga
  • Opportunities to learn an instrument and join a band (Rock Steady Music)
  • Creative, fun and inspiring Music lessons
  • Performing in plays or events
  • Use of a variety of instruments
  • Gaining knowledge and understanding from a variety of artists
  • Clear progression from each year group (learning follows on)
  • Expose children to different types of music through music around school- eg assembly.


  • Children enjoy Music events and opportunities to perform- monitoring, pupil discussions.