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Hawthorne Primary School Curriculum Intent 

Our curriculum is currently being updated. Our new curriculum structure will be based on the National Curriculum expectations and age-related skills and knowledge ladders for each subject. This will ensure that our curriculum is sequential and progressive and builds on prior learning. Long Term Planning is structured to ensure that enquiry is at the heart of our Curriculum as our local setting reflects the need for our pupils to learn to enquire about the wider world, rather than just experiencing the local area they live in. It also gives them the opportunity to learn about different cultures and have experiences first hand, as sometimes family circumstances and resources can make it hard for them to have these out of school. Our children also need to learn about ways to keep themselves safe and to make healthy choices. A lot of this is based around contextual safeguarding needs, such as high levels of domestic violence, criminality, drug and alcohol misuse and mental health issues. We have designed our curriculum with these important factors in mind.

Our curriculum intent is clear:


  • To provide pupils with experiences and knowledge beyond Bestwood Village
  • To increase life skills and enable pupils to make choices that will keep them safe.
  • To give our children the confidence and independence to explore and take risks to enhance their learning
  • To increase pupils’ vocabulary through a language rich environment, role modelling and first hand learning experiences. 
  • To increase knowledge through frequent recall and application of key facts and information
  • To ensure that all pupils have equal opportunities to thrive
  • To provide our children with a set of values that will nurture them into a well-rounded adult with the aspiration to succeed

Topic Webs 

Autumn 1

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Autumn 2

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Spring 1/2

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Summer 1/2

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