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At Hawthorne we use Power Maths to teach our children the fundimental elements of maths. 

To support our learning of times tables we use Times table Rockstars. 

Maths calculation policy

Maths Curriculum Statement


The aim of our mathematics curriculum at Hawthorne Primary School is for:

  • Children to become open minded and curious learners.
  • Children to be risk takers.
  • Children to ask questions and make mistakes through exploring and investigating in order to build and develop a deeper level of understating.
  • Children to think and wonder and have the flexibility to do things in different ways.
  • Children to understand the reasons behind what they are learning, so that they become confident mathematicians who enjoy what they are learning.


The ways that we implement this in school is through:

  • Mastery maths lessons (Power maths- discover, think together, hinge questions, apply in practise books)
  • A whole school number/times table challenge.
  • Daily arithmetic sessions (practising and applying skills)
  • Pre and post teaching interventions (practising and applying skills)
  • White Rose and Power Maths Curriculum
  • Increased use of concrete materials
  • Enterprise fortnight (maths in context)
  • Clear progression from each year group (learning follows on)
  • Daily times tables games
  • Careers Day (maths in context)
  • Magical Maths After School Club
  • After school Maths Boosters (Upper Key Stage 2)


  • Children think mathematically- pupil discussions, learning walks
  • Constant differentiation in lessons that uses different depths of thinking- learning walks, working walls.
  • Key skills are clearly good- learning walks, pupil discussions in lessons
  • Knowledge is retained – pupil interviews, learning walks, book scrutiny
  • Clear progression through a unit; over a year; across years- book scrutiny, working wall.